Beauty, silence, guidance, peacefulness

manresa-porticoBy Kevin  Wondrash   Catholic Herald

Residents of the All Saints Neighborhood in Madison and other community members recently got a chance to learn about opportunities that help Catholics and others have an encounter with God.

Fr. Chris Manahan, SJ, director of the Jesuit Retreat House in Oshkosh, spoke on the opportunities…

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Are people still interested in traditional retreats?

fall-2015-16By Fr. Chris Manahan, SJ      Special to the Compass

When his young son began a regular practice of wandering into the nearby woods, the father began to worry.  One day he shared his concern with his son: “I have noticed that each afternoon you wander off into the woods.  What do you do in such a dangerous place?”

The boy said…

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A Lesson About Welcoming Strangers


Jack Treloar update.jpg

JRH Assistant Director Fr. Jack Treloar, SJ, serves as guest columnist for the Green Bay Diocese’s Compass publication.   Check out his latest offering from January 5, 2017:

Often parents must move during a school year; this necessitates that younger children enroll at a new school. When Jimmy or Sally come to class, the teacher will introduce the child, welcoming the newcomer to the learning community. The other students will have various reactions to this new arrival. Although Jimmy is a stranger, some students will welcome him as one of their own. Because Sally is new, some students will be fearful of her and how she might change their classroom. Some students might even be hostile and actively make life miserable for the new student…

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Retreat Director for Mar. 9-12, 2017 Men’s Retreat is Announced


Fr. Francisco Mota, SJ

Fr. Francisco Mota is a Portuguese Jesuit. He was ordained a priest in July 2016 and currently lives in Boston, where he is completing a degree in Moral Theology. Prior to Boston, Fr. Francisco lived in London, Mozambique, Oxford, and all over Portugal. He is both a keen reader and a moderate chatterer. In his days of glory, Fr. Francisco was a mildly accomplished soccer player.  Today, Fr. Francisco is focused on leading people to understand how God can be a thrilling part of their daily lives.

This marks the 2nd year the Jesuit Retreat House is partnering with Boston College School of Theology and Ministry to provide a place for young Jesuits to begin directing retreats, and we hope each year to host one of these young men as they prepare themselves for this ministry and ensure Jesuits are available to serve retreatants in the future.

There are openings available for this retreat! 

Register online HERE or call Trish (JRH Registrar) at 920-231-9060.

Good Life Brings Healing Rays

Jack Treloar update.jpgJRH Assistant Director Fr. Jack Treloar, SJ, serves as guest columnist for the Green Bay Diocese’s Compass publication.   Check out his latest offering from November 10, 2016:

“As we approach the end of the church year, the readings at the Eucharist confront us with some difficult considerations of the four last things: heaven, hell, death and judgment. We usually shy away from these topics because we are afraid that we will be found wanting in the sight of the Lord.”

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The good life brings healing rays

Advent Reflections


Dig deeper in your daily prayer! JRH Associate Director Sr. Susan Kusz, SND offers a reflection on Monday’s Gospel on She will be writing for each Monday during Advent and Christmas. You can search by date (November 28, December 5, 12, 19, 26, 2016 and January 2, 2017), sign up for a daily email or download the free app on

You can view Sr. Susan’s first reflection here:

November 28, 2016