Lessons about God from a tree

By Fr. Jack Treloar, SJ | For The Compass
May 25, 2018

There is a tree at the Jesuit Retreat House on Lake Winnebago that stands right on the shore close to large boulders. The tree has a special story due to the fact that at one time it was probably the largest tree on the property … The tree has become something of a spiritual icon at the retreat house. Many people find this tree a manifestation of God’s enduring presence in their damaged and suffering lives.  Read more.jack-treloar-update

2 thoughts on “Lessons about God from a tree

  1. Hi Father Jack! How good it is to hear your reflection on “The Tree” which has been an inspiration to so many of us who have retreated at JRH.  It was like receiving “a letter from home.” I, for one, has spent many a time praying before that tree outside – and inside – through the grand view from the Ignatian Lounge.  Keep up your inspiring reflections, Father Jack! God knows how much the world needs people like you to keep us on the “straight and narrow” pathway to God. Sister Ruth Hoerig

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