Retreat Director for Mar. 9-12, 2017 Men’s Retreat is Announced


Fr. Francisco Mota, SJ

Fr. Francisco Mota is a Portuguese Jesuit. He was ordained a priest in July 2016 and currently lives in Boston, where he is completing a degree in Moral Theology. Prior to Boston, Fr. Francisco lived in London, Mozambique, Oxford, and all over Portugal. He is both a keen reader and a moderate chatterer. In his days of glory, Fr. Francisco was a mildly accomplished soccer player.  Today, Fr. Francisco is focused on leading people to understand how God can be a thrilling part of their daily lives.

This marks the 2nd year the Jesuit Retreat House is partnering with Boston College School of Theology and Ministry to provide a place for young Jesuits to begin directing retreats, and we hope each year to host one of these young men as they prepare themselves for this ministry and ensure Jesuits are available to serve retreatants in the future.

There are openings available for this retreat! 

Register online HERE or call Trish (JRH Registrar) at 920-231-9060.

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